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VARENNES designs an active chic and contemporary bag collection, born from the perpetuated tradition of l’Atelier Mamet & Varennes exclusive leather pleat know-how.

As a living and vibrant material, leather is reshaped through the pleats; they give shape to soft sculptures known as VARENNES bags. Crafted from authentic and refined leathers, they assert their elegant personality, both understated and lively.


VARENNES creations set out a range of geometrical and structured shapes. Light or sharp pleats blended with invigorating color accents feature an active, singular line, embodying a cool and asserted femininity. .

The iconic styles illustrate our graphic interpretation of the living material: Globe, Square, Trapèze, Misemplis…


VARENNES collections are exclusively created and produced by l’Atelier Mamet & Varennes / Mamet & Varennes workshop, located in the Saumur area on the Loire riverside.

Our artisans have been perpetuating in this location for 40 years the art and passion of handmade craftsmanship.

From the leather cut, stitching to finishing, every step is achieved by four or six skilled hands, helped with our historical and meticulously maintained machines.

Our workshop Mamet & Varennes, modeling the leather, through the traditional and very own know-how of the pleat, shapes the bags as living sculptures.



Rooted in a local craftsmanship tradition, VARENNES is committed to preserving a sustainable, eco-conscious and locally sourced production.

Our fully traditional manufacturing, handled by l’Atelier Mamet & Varennes, follows the handmade work time-frame, as patient as it is demanding. Our styles are produced in limited series and guaranteed. The workshop maintains a long-lasting relationship with each item by ensuring their care or repair.

All leathers are sourced only in France and Italy, while production is made in France. Thanks to an optimal usage of materials, the environmental footprint remains limited.