A story of art, time and passion has been upheld since 1974 by l’Atelier craftsmen : the eye thoroughly selecting finest leathers, the hand patiently shaping the material, the heart carrying the passion for craft.

In our workshop, each craft tool stands its in right place. Despite some years of age, they still remain undeniably efficient and daily used by the artisans.

Every skin is selected in accordance with the bag design to meet the accurate criteria of softness, thickness, size

The leather-cutter carefully places each part of the bag on the skin, paying a meticulous attention to its elasticity, its grain…

The major part of the skin cut is still handmade with a “chasse-peau”.

We use aged but still highly reliable machines to assemble the bags.
As a key element of the Atelier heritage and authenticity, our craftsmen uphold them with passion and care.

Last but not least, the Atelier unique gesture of « pleating » is the ultimate finishing that models the bag final volume, turning it to a leather sculpture.

This bag finally becomes your bag: it carries a discreet unique number on its inside label.